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Kimba Arem– Sound & Subtle Energy Therapy

Kimba AremKimba Arem is Vice President of Radiance Health and a member of the Board of Directors. She has been practicing music therapy and various other subtle energy modalities for over 20 years. During a near death experience in 1992, she was shown that at the basis of everything is vibration – a profound insight that informs her work.

In addition to a rigorous scientific background,, acupuncture training, and music therapy career, she has studied a variety of shamanic practices from around the world over the last 24 years. This enables her to tap into healing energies beyond the five main senses to help her clients find balance and harmony.

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Kimba is a performer and recording artist, and has been a musician since the age of seven with classical training in piano and flute.  She received a B.S. in Molecular and Cellular Biology at the University of Arizona as a pre-med student.  But following her near-death experience she was led to pursue a career in sound therapy.  In addition, she has extensive subtle energy training in herbology, Reiki (master level), and various forms of energy technologies and modalities.  She also works with laser light frequencies and color, and has incorporated these diverse elements into her unique, multi-dimensional approach. Her primary instrument is a quartz-crystal didjeridu which she integrates with various indigenous and classical instruments to harmonize the human energy field, augmented with a sound table and hemi-synched light.

She stewards HEARTHERAPY and GAEARTH, dedicated to educating and assisting the planet in gentle awakening through sound.

Available for sale in our Pharmacy

Available for sale in our Pharmacy

Kimba engineers music for CDs and film, offers peace music concerts, didjeridu and sound therapy workshops, and offers private sound therapy sessions.

Kimba has been an instructor for Dr. Andrew Weil’s Integrative Medicine program and was the musician for his Healthy Aging tour. Her sound therapy CDs currently in print include Waltz of the Moon, Vibrational Sound Healing, Gaearth Dreaming, Peace Journey, The Healing Didjeridu, Creation’s Tone, Psychedelic Prayers, The Way of Water, and Self-Healing with Sound and Music with Kimba Arem and Dr. Andrew Weil. Her latest CD, Crossing the Great Waters, is intended to guide souls through great transitions such as birth, death, expanded states of consciousness, and lucid dreaming. Her first full length movie score, Secret of Water, is now available for viewing.


Sound Therapy SessionA Sound Therapy Session with Kimba Arem includes:

Crystal Didj and Bowls

As a multidisciplined musician, Kimba’s main focus is on the live instrumentation tailored to your personal energy field, and is also amplified through the sound therapy table you are lying on, resonating at the frequency of the human skeletal structure. Other subtle energy vibratory technologies are added in, where they can help shift or augment frequencies where needed.

Instruments include: the voice– harmonic overtoning and chants and prayers from cultures around the world, 4-chambered Celtic flute, multi-chambered Native American Flutes, waterphone, Tibetan and crystal bowls, alchemy crystal bowls, crystal didjeridu, tingshas, tuning forks, harp, Aboriginal bullroarer, and various percussion instruments.

Other technologies are variables that are tailored to each individual, based on their needs and requests.

Optionally, your session can include these subtle energy modalities:
Kimba Arem

  • Sound Therapy Table amplifies the live music she createstailored to your energy field – learn more »
  • Bio-Well energy field readings before and after treatment – learn more »
  • BioMat far infrared therapy – learn more »
  • Music of the Plants accompaniment – learn more »
  • Binaural beat light and sound machine – learn more »
  • Personalized flower essence treatment – learn more »
  • Personalized aromatherapy treatment – learn more »
  • Reiki (Kimba is a Reiki master) – learn more »
  • Green Laser Light – learn more »
  • Water enriched by your music and energy session will be given to you at the end of your appointment.

Your session will take place in the crystal bowl temple room. The quartz crystal alchemy bowls and didjeridus are available for purchase, and Kimba is available for instruction on how to use them.

Crystal Amethyst Bowls

Crystal Didge

Visit Kimba Arem’s website – Gaearth.com