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Ron Lemire, LMT

Ronald LemireRon Lemire is a well-seasoned practitioner and Licensed Massage Therapist. His Practice and Training of 41 years in the Natural Health Field gives him a well-rounded view of Holistic Healing. Previous to the Healing Arts, Ron graduated as a Marine Engineer from Maine Maritime Academy, setting the stage for understanding structural systems both on a Ship and the Human Body.

Ron graduated from the Florida School of Massage. While in Florida he apprenticed directly under Professor Hoshino in a two-year curriculum and became a certified Hoshino Therapist. Hoshino Therapy is a refined form of Shiatsu used in the prevention and treatment of OsteoArthritis and related structural disorders. In the cultivation of the art of Touch, Ron also learned Structural Awareness through a four-year apprenticeship with Dr. Timothy Binder, developer of Position Technic: the Science of Centering. In a similar stream, Ron studied Aston Patterning with founder Judith Aston. While living in Hawaii, Ron studied the ancient art of Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Massage with Papa Kay and Kumu Keala Ching. In the past 22 years Ron has been practicing Cranial Sacral Therapy, first through the Upledger Institute then followed with an apprenticeship with Dr. Ron Mosielo. Although Ron uses various hands on modalities, he believes all streams of hands-on discipline eventually find their way into the Field of Cranial Sacral therapy.

To accompany hands-on Bodywork, and Structural Education, Ron was involved with the Kushi Institute in the study of Macrobiotics and Food as a Medicine. Ron also graduated from the Hahnemann Academy of North America ( H.A.N.A )in Pegosa Springs, Colorado with Dr. Robin Murphy N.D., as a Certified Homeopath. In close partnership with H.A.N.A, Ron is also a Certified Herbalist from the Traditional Herbal Diagnosis curriculums of Matthew Wood AHG, Margie Flint and William LeSassier, Herbalist AC.

Ron is a lifetime martial artist studying the disciplines of soft and hard forms of Martial Training. He has a Black Belt or 1st Dan in Karate and has lifelong practice in the soft arts of Tai Chi, Yoga and Tibetan Chi Qong. Ron is the developer of Liquid Training also known as Flo Motion. Liquid Training is brain gym that coordinates both hemispheres of the brain and body with equal dynamics.

To understand the emotional component of Health and Well Being, Ron apprenticed many years with teacher Steven Young, who founded People Making of Colorado teaching the work of Virginia Satir’s Human Validation Process Model. He underwent a Family Reconstruction as well as conducted Workshops with Steven Young.

Ron is also a Medical Astrologer enabling him to see cycles and events in clients lives that would offer an “as above, so below” perspective.

Throughout the 1980’s Ron traveled and worked exclusively with singer/songwriter John Denver as his personal therapist, cook and bodyguard. In the early 1990’s, Ron worked with NBA team, the Pacers, as a movement coach and therapist. Ron has dedicated his life’s work in the pursuit of Healing. He has done more than 15,000 treatments in his 41 years of experience.

What is Hoshino Therapy?

Hoshino Therapy is the art and science of hand-therapy developed by Professor Tomezo Hoshino, born in Japan in 1910.  As a seventh generation doctor of Acupuncture he found that in cases of arthritis, acupuncture could offer only temporary relief.  He originated a unique therapy that integrates the principles of acupuncture with the art of hand-therapy.

The underlying theory of Hoshino Therapy is simple.  Professor Hoshino applies “Arthrosis” to any condition caused by the hardening of the soft tissue, muscles, tendons (which connect muscle to bone) and ligaments ( which connect bone to bone). Hoshino Therapy is a non-conventional modality of physical therapy based on methods of concentrated manipulations conceived to correct dysfunctions related to Arthrosis.

Treatment is realized by manual methods such as intrinsic articular mobilization, reflex massage, and specific exercises that complement the therapy.  Professor Hoshino asserts that arthrosis and discogenic diseases are illnesses of civilization caused mainly by the lack of adequate exercise or the adoption of deforming muscular or postural habits.  Through the study of 250 specific acupuncture points, it is possible to obtain a biomechanical image of the body and discover the individualized cause of disequilibrium that provoked or will provoke these disorders.  The manual Hoshino techniques produce profound influences that lead to normal muscular physiological activity.

Indications: Hoshino Therapy may be indicated for disorders such as osteoarthritis, bursitis, tendinitis, non-traumatic disc disorders and sciatica, as well as for non-specific complaints such as headache, muscular pain and tension, fatigue, nausea, numbness, dizziness and back pain.

In closing, I would like to add that I have apprenticed directly under the guidance of Professor Hoshino from 1977 to 1980.  We were a small number of therapists that worked out of the Hoshino Therapy Clinics, both in Coconut Grove and Boca Raton, Florida.

Professor Hoshino’s English was little to none but he did stress three principles in English which over the years deepened in meaning.  We came to understand what these principles meant when Professor Hoshino would slap our hands until we had proper contact, found the actual point and delivered the right amount of pressure.  These principles refer to the techniques of his unique hand-manipulation.

1- Contact: Both hands envelope the muscle tissue.  The more surface area of the body covered, the more secure the contact and the deeper the therapist can execute the applied pressure.

2- Exact point:  Along the tendon fiber of a given muscle lie specific points that can be sensed as rigid or normal.  It takes about ten years of practice to develop the sensitivity to use this point system effectively.

3- Dosage: Once Contact and Exact points are established, the right amount of pressure delivered to the point is paramount in the healing process of the related tissue.  If my dosage is too deep, the body will give me feedback with tensing. The right amount of dosage is to discover the edge before the body reacts with tightening of muscles.  In today’s body work, many therapists lack understanding of Dosage and so called “Deep tissue” therapy is often counter-productive excess dosage.

Our training was very disciplined. Every morning we would be in the clinic by 7 am and work on one another until 9am when the clinic opened to clients.  Professor Hoshino wanted all of us to develop strong hands so we all worked with a heavy dosage and as the recipient on the table we learned in a rather painful way what exactly a point felt like with too much dosage.  In the end, our hands opened, our strength developed and knowledge of the therapy increased.

This is my 38th year in practicing Hoshino Therapy and as musculoskeletal conditions become more complex in our ever changing world, I find Hoshino Therapy to be one of the most effective manual therapies in the healing realm.

Ron Lemire