Radiance Health

The Radiance Full Spectrum Package

A full spectrum approach to healing and personal transformation

Congratulations for taking a bold step towards greater health, vitality and well-being.

We have developed a world-class program that combines cutting-edge energy medicine, advanced laboratory diagnostics, and comprehensive mind-body tools to empower you with the knowledge and practical skills you need to live an optimally healthy and vital life.

At Radiance Health we believe that a long and vibrant life is built upon the foundation of a healthy lifestyle, and that symptoms of disease and illness are not your body failing, but your body’s wisdom—an attempt to restore balance to elements seeking more harmony in your life.  Within these symptoms lie hidden messages that hold the key to your healing and optimal well-being.  Together we will help you unlock these important clues.

We also believe that the human potential is vastly untapped, and that we each are meant for greatness in the unfolding of our path throughout this magnificent universe.  As a butterfly emerges from the chrysalis, our aim is to help you recognize and tap into the divine blueprint of your life, your health, and the gifts you came to bring to the world.  Having clearly flowing vitality flowing through you will allow this to occur gracefully and effortlessly.

We provide you with more than advanced medical care. You will receive a life-diagnosis,  with a step-by-step approach custom designed to help you transform your life.

Our Full Spectrum Package includes a four-day experience, divided into two visits.


First Visit

The first two days are devoted to a thorough diagnostic evaluation which includes:

 In-depth history and physical exam.

 Advanced blood testing.

 EBT Heart Scan.

 Body-mass Composition.

 Full-Body Bio-Well and Sensitiv Imago bio-resonance scans

 Functional movement and exercise analysis

 Detailed nutritional analysis

 Assessment of the 5 Pillars of Health: Nutrition, Exercise, Relationships, Career, and Spiritual Practice

 A 60-minute sound and subtle energy therapy session for relaxation and integration

Second Visit

The following two days are devoted to diagnosis and treatment which includes:

 A thorough review of your laboratory results.

 A comprehensive life-diagnosis.

 Full-Body Sensitiv Imago bio-resonance balancing

 A detailed personalized treatment plan, including supplement and nutrition recommendations.

 Therapeutic consultations tailored to your specific needs.

 A daily practice to achieve your health goals

Just the beginning…

We understand that meaningful change takes time. We are committed to providing you with the help and support you need to achieve your health-goals. As part of your Full Spectrum Package you will receive three-hours of on-line support with members of our health team via Skype conference call.

And that’s just the beginning. As a client of Radiance Health, you will be eligible to join the Radiance Partners Subscription, which gives you on-line support with weekly to monthly personal conference calls and unlimited access to Gaia’s over 7,000 titles and self-help videos from which we may make recommendations for your ongoing learning and self-care.

If you have a specific problem you would like to address, please prepare a brief written narrative, not more than 1-2 pages long, describing how the problem began. How it has changed over time? What makes it better or worse? What do you feel is going on, and what you hope to accomplish with regard to this issue?

We appreciate your taking time to prepare for your visit to Radiance Health, to help us focus in on the core issues. For greater health, vitality and well-being schedule your appointment today.

–The Team at Radiance Health