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Acupuncture and Nocturnal Enuresis

Do you have a child or children 5 years or older that involuntary urinate at night time (Nocturnal Enuresis)?

Conditions such as diabetes-mellitus, urinary tract infections, constipation, and sleep apnea may be causing the enuresis. It is important to rule out contributing conditions to enuresis. If known contributing conditions have been ruled out and your child’s involuntary urination is beginning to interfere with their socialization, you may want to consider acupuncture. According to a recentMeta-analysis, comparing and contrasting 21 randomized controlled trials on the subject, acupuncture was more effective for treating children with nocturnal enuresis when compared to both placebo and pharmacological interventions (1). If you are concerned about your child’s expectations of needles, an article interviewing children reported the majority voiced having a pleasant and beneficial experience during and from their acupuncture treatments (2). While knowing that is important, it is also noted that a parent’s portrayal of a treatment to their child is also very influential over how their child will react.

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Photo Credit: Creative Commons image Helping Hand by Jenni C